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1944 TD Class # 54 Ft. Hood, TX


Officer Families


ussell B. Watson, Chairman/CEO

Russ is the founder and CEO of ReSources.Com and Principal of RWA Architects, a nationally ranked award winning San Francisco architectural and development firm. He is a licensed architect with over thirty years of experience in the architecture and construction industries of which twenty years have been directly involved in the management and operation of RWA Architects. Russ holds a Bachelors degree in Environmental Design and has taken advanced courses in Business and Real Estate Management from the USC MBA program.

Russ comes from a long line of Army and Navy officers, politicians and inventors. Today, two members of his immediate family a Navy Captain and a Master Chief in the Navy SEALs continue the family’s tradition of military service.

Russ attended West Point preparatory schools and planned to attend the US Military Academy at West Point. He entered the Army in 1963 to attend flight school, but was instead sent to Army OCS at Fort Benning. After OCS, Russ was assigned to the 8th Infantry Division near Heidelberg, Germany. He left the service in late 1966 to return to college and went on to pursue a successful career in business and architecture.

Russ's primary Foundation responsibilites include the overall direction and leadership of Foundation activities. Russ serves on the OCS Foundation Executive Committee.

Carl Jones, President/COO

Carl was born in Santa Maria, CA in 1946 and spent most of his youth in Bakersfield, CA. He graduated from East Bakersfield High School and attended Bakersfield College before enlisting in the Army. Carl attended and graduated from Infantry OCS at Ft. Benning, GA 52nd Company, 5th Student Battalion, Class 14-67. His assignments included: Ft. Gordon, GA, Presidio, 18th MP Brigade in Saigon, Vietnam and My Tho and Ft. Huachuca, AZ. Upon completion of five years of service, Carl and his wife Fran decided to return to civilian life so that Carl might pursue a college degree.

Carl completed his B.S. degree in Business Administration at California State University, Bakersfield in June, 1974 and began his career in non-profit management with the American Cancer Society. During the ensuing 18 years he served in management positions from Field Representative, Executive Director and Executive Vice President/CEO. After his years with the American Cancer Society, Carl worked for the The Grantsmanship Center as a national trainer in strategic fund raising and organizational development and as President/CEO for the Washington State Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation.

Carl's primary Foundation responsibilities include our non-profit operations, legal and public affairs activities. Carl serves on the OCS Foundation Executive Committee.

Robert Manson, Director/CFO

Born June 16, 1929 in Peoria, Illinois, Bob graduated in 1951 from the University of Illinois at Champaign. He enlisted in the US Army, December 10, 1951 at Ft. Sheridan, Illinois and completed Officer Candidate School, the Artillery School, Antiaircraft and Guided Missile Branch at Ft. Bliss, Texas as a Distinguished Military Graduate, in February 1953. He served with US 8th Army, Far East Command, Korea, as an antiaircraft artillery unit commander and later joined the US Army Active Reserve, 70th Infantry Division, at Detroit, Michigan, June 1954.

Bob started his civilian career with the General Auditor's Office of the Finance Staff of Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan 1954. He retired in 1988 with over thirty-four years services with Ford Motor Company serving in numerous accounting and financial analysis management positions as well as overseas assignments. He is presently a full time resident of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Bob's primary Foundation responsibilities include finance, accounting, budgeting and overall Foundation financial affairs. Bob serves on the OCS Foundation Executive Committee.

Andrew Roher, Major US Army, Director

Andy is currently on active duty and attending post-graduate schoool. Andy has assumed the newly created post of Director of Site Operations (DSO). As DSO Andy provides direct oversight and leadership for our branch site operations.

Kurt Celis, Lt. US Navy, Director at Large

Kurt is a third generation Southern Californian. He began his military career 1995 by joining the Navy shortly after graduation from Orange Glen High School in Escondido, California. Since then, he has received his commission from Army OCS in February 2003 and served as an Armor officer in Iraq. In 2006 Kurt re-joined the Navy and is currently on active duty.

Kurt primary Foundation responsibilities include providing the Foundation with real-time insights to the value and benefit of the Army OCS training programs. 

CTO | Chief Technical Officer and OCSF Webmaster
Corey Holzer, Captain US Army

Captain Holzer earned his Army OCS commission in 2006. After graduation and completion of his Basic Officer Leader Courses, CPT Holzer was assigned to the Special Troops Battalion of the Bastogne Brigade, 101st Airborne Division Air Assault and deployed to Tikrit, Iraq as the Battalion's Communications Officer.

Prior to joining the military, Corey worked for 13 years in the civilian sector with several firms including the new media division of J. Walter Thompson. As CTO Webmaster Corey has responsibility for the operation of all Foundation websites.

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The First OCS Class
OCS Class 1-1941

To this day more than 750,000 men and women have followed in their footsteps.

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